I have said this so often I suspect its true… Probably the only thing keeping me sane these days are my 2 amazing children. They keep me centred (sort of), make me laugh, challenge me to be constantly thinking, evolving, teaching, learning – striving to be a better person. Kids and animals are my thing. Stick me in a social environment and if there are small and/or furry things around, you will likely find me gravitating towards them, or them to me.

I am passionate about Technology. I love to learn about it, play and create with it, speculate about its future direction. I have made a successful career from development and often describe what I do as being “paid to play” and “making cool shit”.

I am equally passionate about Nature. Nothing helps me reconnect better than grabbing a tent and a backpack and going bush for a few days, solo or with my kids. We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world – get out there! I have recently returned to my roots and started surfing again. Paddling out is a lot harder than it was (back in the daze), but pulling in and getting pummeled are exactly as i remember – yooooooose!

Theres a bunch more I could say about myself, but this isn’t a dating site right?

  • NAME: Vinnie Vivace
  • BIRTHDATE: 14 July 1973
  • NATIONALITY: Kiwi as, bro


As the sun rose on the new Millennium… the Y2K monster was nowhere to be seen! Technology had not exploded, and so it was that Vivace Interactive was formed.

Right from the early days I was fortunate enough to meet and work with some of New Zealand’s most talented and creative people. Starting out as a self-professed “web designer” (a title you could simply claim back in those days) I learnt my craft on the job. From HTML and Javascript, to ColdFusion and ASP, then on to Flash/Flex/AIR, followed by Unity3D, Xamarin and beyond.

The journey has been fantastic. Fun, challenging, rewarding. These days, with a wealth of experience and a fantastic network of talent across all spectrums, Vivace Interactive is well qualified to take on almost any project.

  • COMPANY: Vivace Interactive Limited
  • FOUNDED: 1 Jan 2000
  • STATUS: Looking for Projects

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