For much of my 16 year career in development I have focussed on the client  / front-end side of things. During that time I often found it difficult to find skilled back-end developers that share an understanding of the finer points of front-end requirements, particularly in the way data is structured and passed between server and client.

A few years ago one of the best back-end devs I have worked with recommended I take a good look at Microsoft Azure. Azure is a cloud computing platform that allows you to build and deploy web applications and services across Microsoft’s global network of data centers. Within minutes you can deploy a vast array of services, configure backups, load balancing and health monitoring options.

Combine this with Microsofts BizSpark program which offers eligible startups up to $120k worth of free Azure services over a 3 year period, and Azure is an excellent option for any project that requires server based functionality. Since discovering this fantastic option I have designed and built numerous APIs for both web, mobile and desktop applications.

I have found it both enjoyable and advantageous to be able to write both server and client code in one language (C#), sharing code between projects and having a complete understanding of the requirements, and overall control of how they are implemented across the entire solution.


  • Microsoft Azure Services
  • C# / .Net
  • Javascript
  • Web / App API
  • OWIN Identity / Authentication
  • Application Insights
  • MS-SQL / MySQL
  • JSON / XML
  • Entity Framework
  • Blob / Table Storage
  • Push Notification Hub
  • Swagger Framework
  • Microsoft Oxford
  • LUIS