Since 2014 I have been using Xamarin to develop Native, cross platform mobile applications. Purchased by Microsoft in early 2016, Xamarin allows significant code sharing between projects targeting the various mobile platforms.

Xamarin Forms provides similar functionality for UI (User Interface) development, meaning significant amounts of code and UI is shared, with platform specific functionality and design handled with elegant Service Dependency Injections and custom Renderers.

Xamarin integrates seamlessly with Data Services such as those provided by Microsoft’s Azure, allowing fully functional, highly scalable applications to be delivered quickly and efficiently.Companion desktop applications that share much of the mobile code base can also be developed for OSX using Xamarin, and Windows using Visual Studio which features tight integration with Xamarin.

For 10 years earlier in my career I worked exclusively with Adobe Flash and its associated frameworks: AIR and Flex. Whilst I would not recommend this technology for mobile development in general, it can still be useful for porting legacy Flash applications or 2D gaming projects.


  • Xamarin
  • Xamarin Forms
  • C# / .Net
  • Android / iOS / Windows Mobile
  • Adobe AIR for Mobile
  • Flash / Flex / AIR
  • Actionscript / MXML
  • JSON / XML
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft Azure Services
  • UI Design